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A supermodel needed to be able to be on 'Sports Illustrated ' to be able to walk runways to be able to do beauty ads to be on covers. And the girls now can no longer be on covers and be in the ads because your actresses have taken over all the jobs. I don't know what happened but we want our jobs back.

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I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead.

When you explain to people what you're trying to do as opposed to just making demands or delegating tasks you can build instant trust even if it's just for that short time you're on the phone.

I wouldn't trust Nixon from here to that phone.

Heckling is an act of cowardice. If you want to speak get up in front of the microphone and speak don't sit in the dark hiding. It's easy to hide and shout and waste people's time.

My kids idea of a hard life is to live in a house with only one phone.

As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.

I can't live without my smartphone but I really geek on coding. It's not so much technology that I like but puzzle solving.

Seriously we are in the midst of the convergence of voice and data and that is challenging the infrastructure of the telephone companies. There are huge commercial interests in the basic technology but even more so in content delivery and control of content.

The technology is just so far gone. It's just like back in the day you needed a suitcase just to have a cell phone. The battery was so heavy it was like carrying a gallon of soda around with you all day.

This is like the telephone problem - no one wants to have the first one. But we are seeing a lot of people who want some sort of technology to solve the spam problem.

Advancements in technology have become so commonplace that sometimes we forget to stop and think about how incredible it is that a girl on her laptop in Texas can see photos and cell phone video in real time that a young college student has posted of a rally he's at in Iran.

Second we're spending a huge amount of money on technology so that everyone can check out laptops and portable phones. We're spending more money to write our existing information into databases or onto CD-ROM.

As a matter of fact when compression technology came along we thought the future in 1996 was about voice. We got it wrong. It is about voice video and data and that is what we have today on these cell phones.

Technology gives us the facilities that lessen the barriers of time and distance - the telegraph and cable the telephone radio and the rest.

The moment of drifting into thought has been so clipped by modern technology. Our lives are filled with distraction with smartphones and all the rest. People are so locked into not being present.

Well clearly Apple is a role model of the American innovation whereby it produced all these products - iPod iPhone iPad - that are really now dominating all the technology arena in the world.

I would absolutely love to go back to the simplicity of the '80s where there wasn't texting social media iPhones or smartphones. I love the fact that you would go home and check your messages. I'm not well suited to the world of modern technology.

There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone. Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives.

You know I do music. If you look under the hood of the industry I'm in it's all based on technology. From radio to phonographs to CDs it's all technology. Microphones reel-to-reels cameras editing chips it's all technology.

The telephone is a 100-year-old technology. It's time for a change. Charging for phone calls is something you did last century.

The Internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity.

Telephone n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.

I've covered a lot of ground geographically and emotionally and for years I lost my connection with my family. But the best comfort you can have whether you are on the phone or sitting there in the living room with them is with your parents and to me family has always meant protection. When you smile you get a smile back unconditionally.

The Viennese wash everything. Where else in the world does the government hire public servants to wash public telephone booths and the glass over traffic lights? Every time I see someone doing these things I smile like a child.